Saturday, August 1, 2009

Solution for 000webhost,, users!

As I said, SetCronJob now unable to reach 000webhost,, and (recently), etc.

So, if you are their user, you can't set cron jobs with your website. However, I've found a solution:

- Go to, OR,, etc (some proxy site with PHProxy Installed), or install PHProxy in your own site.

- Enter your URL.

- Copy the URL displayed in address bar, then set cron job with that URL.

It may be a bit slower, but at least it works! Please note that you're strongly recommended don't abuse them too much, as this can result in they ban SetCronJob's service! It's better to installed PHProxy (or similar things) on your own website, then use this trick!

Hope this help!


  1. But how to installed the PHPProxy in my own website?

  2. Hi,

    If you have a web hosting with PHP enabled, you can simply download PHP Proxy from then extract and upload all files to your web folder.