Friday, August 21, 2009

You hate spam! Me too!

I've checked my database and see someone registered with email addresses provided by disposable mail services.

Just for curious, I went to some of those services, and most of them say: We hate spam! Let them eat spam!


Do they know that their services are used by users to spam other sites???

Let them eat spam!

Their email addresses are now restricted from SetCronJob, and if I found someone use these email addresses to register, their balance will be down to $0.00001 :D


Because your mailbox will be disposed after a short time, e.g after 10 or 15 minutes. So, you can't receive other mails from SetCronJob. If you like my service and wanna deposit, you will not able to receive even thank-you message from SetCronJob.

And why? Because you will not receive any email like "Buy now Viagra" just because you register with SetCronJob :D

I will NOT spam you, so, please, don't spam me!

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