Friday, January 1, 2016

To Indian abusers: just stop!

Hello there,

Recently SetCronJob is getting hundreds of registration from Indians every day, and all of them are abusers. Typically here are what they're doing
- Register some generous free hosting provider to upload their "bot script"
- Create multiple, fake SetCronJob account swith fake, disposable email addresses
- Abuse SetCronJob's free trial offer, mostly Gold account
- Creating cronjob every minute or every 30 seconds to run their "bot script"
- And keep going on like that.

The free hosting providers are also victims, because the "bot scripts" are highly server resource consuming, and eventually they disable the abusers' hosting accounts, but that won't stop the abusers.

These abusing activities are against our Terms of Service, therefore SetCronJob will just keep blocking, disabling and banning their accounts until the end.

In short, we don't allow bot scripts, abusers and fake accounts at SetCronJob. Your account will be terminated without notice.

Currently our free trial offers are temporarily paused for a while. At the moment, just contact me with your website URL and cronjob URL, I'll review them first before giving free trial. If I believe that the website and script is used for bot, your account will be terminated instead.

Thank you for understanding.

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