Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unable to reach

Some days ago, I noticed that a large number of 'This URL is unreachable' messages was produced.

So, I inserted a logging script to see what happen.

I found that this error occured when users set cron jobs with URL contains,,,,, etc. All of them is owned by users with free account.

The problem, maybe, after a long time thinking and trying to fix, is banned SetCronJob's IP / service:

- Can't ping their subdomain, e.g

- Can't lynx their website, e.g

- Can't open their web site (using phpproxy).

This banned decision may be caused by SetCronJob opened too many connection to users' website (too many users set cron jobs with web site hosted at, and their firewall banned SetCronJob's IP (similar firewall is DDOS Deflate). 

It's a pity that users can no longer use my service, but, if this is their decision, I can do nothing.

Sorry all users :(


UPDATED: Look like banned SetCronJob, too :(

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