Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Your payment will be processed faster now!

In the past, your account will be upgraded whenever your payment deposited into my account balance. This is advised by 2CheckOut, my payment gateway.

Sometime it takes a long time for money to be deposited, with PayPal is about 1 days, and with credit / debit cards is about 3 days.

As a vendor, I wanna be sure that the transaction has been completed perfectly before process account upgrading.

Thinking as a user, I want to upgrade my account as fast as possible. I paid for service, so WHY you make me wait for a long time?

So, from July 08, 2009, your account will be processed right after verified by 2CheckOut team. This takes only 6 - 24 hours to complete :)

EDITED: it often takes only 1 hour to complete :)

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