Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let's move!

The migration link has been added at old version control panel. You can now move to new version, and get benefits!

In fact, this process just deletes old account and cron jobs, then send a bonus to new account.

You must register new account, move your cron jobs before do this.

FREE account:

- At the moment, you can not create cron jobs.

- When move to new version, you will get 50,000 cron executions ($0.5).

- After 2009/09/20, all of your cron jobs will expire. Your account will be deleted later.

Premium account:

- You can continue to use your premium account as before.

- When move to new version, you will get $0.5 and  150% of the money you paid for. E.g if you pay $20 for gold account, you'll get $30.5, or 3,050,000 cron job executions.

- On 2009/09/20, the migration link will be removed.

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