Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why I create new version?

Why I create new version? Because it's good for you and for me:

It's good for you:

- New daemon which uses less resources, and so that less outgoing connection that eat the network resources. So, your URL can execute properly.

- You have an option to log your URLs' output, which is more reliable.

- When register an account, you get FREE 1000 cron job executions, which is enough to launch one cron job daily in 3 years!

- You can set cron job every 5 minutes, which is available only with premium account at old version. Of course, this costs more.

- You pay for what you use, and what you need. E.g, if your script only need running every 30 minutes, you can set cron job every 30 minutes, and this costs only $0.00048 a day.

If you decide to use cron job every 5 minutes, you may see it costs x2 of old version price. A cron job every 5 minutes in 1 year executes 12*24*365 times ~ 100,000 times = $1. So, with $5, you can set only 5 cron jobs every 5 minutes in 1 year. But in fact, you may change your cron jobs every time you want, and spend less money!

- You can pay a smaller amount, e.g payment with just $1 is accepted. But you're encouraged to pay more than $5, as the fee of my payment gateway for small payment is too high.

Of course, it's good for me. If not, why did I upgrade it?

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