Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SetCronJob version 3.0

Hi all,

I'm happy to introduce SetCronJob version 3.0 now :)

1. No migration.

Don't worry, there's no change in users table. No need to register new account :)

2. Logging, Notification, TimeOut.

You can now set (MAX) execution (response) time. E.g, if your script executes completely in 24 seconds, set TimeOut to at least 24 or 27 seconds.

Maximum execution time is 60 seconds.

Logging feature must be enabled to enable TimeOut and Notification.

3. Price and cost: every thing should be fair.

Cost of a cron job once being executed is calculated using this equation:

COST = CEIL(Total execution time in second)*$0.00001 + CEIL(Output length in KB)*$0.00001 + Number of sent messages*$0.00010

Check it at Cron Hosting.

in version 2.0, a cron job without logging output may take up to 3 seconds to complete (it's the max connection timeout), and its cost is only $0.00001. A cron job with logging output may take only 0.1 seconds to connect, and 0.2 second to get response less than 0.1 KB, and its cost is $0.00010, which is 10 times bigger than the first one :)

In version 3.0, first cron will cost $0.00003, and the seconds one is only $0.00002, which is only 2/3 of the first cron, and 1/5 of version 2.0.

You can see that the smallest cost of a cron job is $0.00001 - without logging, and $0.00002 - with logging output, instead of $0.00001 and $0.00010 in old version.

And, if your cron job without logging output, and connection time (include request time) is less than 1 second, there's no change at its cost: $0.00001 / cron job execution.

As this version allows users to set max response time, your cron jobs which are in queue will be executed within 120 seconds from set time. E.g, if it should run at 1:15, it may execute between 1:15:00 and 1:17:00.

Version 1.0 are still kept at old.setcronjob.com.

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