Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to SetCronJob! has been registered on Jan 31st, 2009, and after some hardworking days, it can say first "Hello world!" greeting.

One year elapsed, SetCronJob now become one of the most reliable and popular Online Cron Job (Web Cron) services. It has:

- About 4,000 satisfied users,
- About 6,200 cron jobs created,
- About 27,000,000 URL processed since created.

It achieved:
- The Google PageRank of 3 / 10,
- The Alexa Traffic Rank about 160,000 (and goes down every day),
- Top 10 of a lot of competitive keywords in Google, Yahoo!, Bing search engine.

Happy birthday to you, SetCronJob!

I would like to express my thanks to a lot of users have been using SetCronJob for a long time.
The service is very good at this time, and I'll try my best to keep it good and make it better :)

Thanks a lot :)
Nguyen An Thuan.

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