Sunday, October 16, 2011

SetCronJob is going to remove username!

Hello all,

SetCronJob did require you to choose both unique username and email when registering new account.
I've made a research around the Internet, and found it's better to use email only.

So, when you register, you just need to enter 3 fields: email, password, and your full name (for a nice Hello!); when you contact us, just enter your email and that's enough :-)

To log in, enter your email and password:

Old users can still log in with their current username and password
 However, you're recommended to use your email only.

Once logged in, your email will be remembered on your browser
so next time you just need to enter your password.

As your email is your login ID, don't use DEA services.
Disposable Email Address (DEA) is to prevent users from getting spammed, while most of their email addresses are used to spam other services, like SetCronJob :-(

All accounts using temporary email addresses from DEA services will be BANNED without notice.
And you can't remember your temporary address to log in, right? ;-)

You can change your email easily
by visiting My Account tab after logged in:

SetCronJob will remove username soon.
The change is not immediately. It will be removed after one year, when all old users are familiar with email+password system.

 If you have any question, or need our help, feel free to email us :-)

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