Monday, May 14, 2012

SetCronJob Moved Server and Changed IP

Hello all,

Recently, our server had performance problem, which caused high server load, slow website speed, slow database queries.

We worked with KnownHost but couldn't find out problem and solution.
(They did help, and also reinstalled the server, but it not worked as expected).

So, we moved the whole site to a new server, and ended up at Linode.
SetCronJob is now stable and fast.

Response time before and after the server moving - from Pingdom monitor

We tried our best to make the moving flawless, but troubles were unavoidable, and sometimes you may see SetCronJob was inaccessible, or showed error message. Some cronjobs failed (with message "Cannot assign requested address") or didn't run.

Before the problem occurred, we already made an assurance: if SetCronJob has downtime and couldn't execute cronjobs, when it's up again, it'll run them once.
This is useful when we're facing downtime: if your daily backup cronjob couldn't run at 0:00 due to SetCronJob down, it'll run later e.g. at 0:03, so at least it runs your backup.

If you white listed or granted only SetCronJob to run your cronjob, please update our new IP:
Additional IP(s) may be added soon if necessary.

If you encounter any problem, or have any question, please comment below or contact us.

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