Saturday, October 5, 2013

Export/Import cron jobs

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UPDATED on Oct 7, 2013: We also stored a copy of export files remotely on where you can download it later from your Export History.

We've just added a new feature: You can now export your cronjobs at SetCronJob, then import at any time you want!

Export all cronjobs
To export all cronjobs and groups under your account, visit Cron Jobs > Export, then hit Export all cronjobs button.
Export all cronjobs
At the next page, click Donwnload it button, it'll prompt a file to save on your computer.
Download exported cronjobs
For your convenience, we also display a nice format of exported cronjobs (Unix-style time settings, timezone and URL).

Export some cronjobs
To export only some cronjobs in your account, select desired cronjobs, then hit With selected: Export cronjobs. It'll show you the page where you can download your exported file.
Export selected cronjobs
Import file
Currently we only support importing file which was exported by SetCronJob.
To import old cronjobs, visit Cron Jobs > Import, then upload the file you saved before.
Import cronjobs
You can switch between two Overwrite mode:
- Add new cronjobs and groups (recommended)
This will add completely new cronjobs and group, and will keep your existing cronjobs intact.
After importing, you'd better review and remove/disable redundant cronjobs/groups.

- Update existing cronjobs and group
If the cronjob/group with same ID exist, SetCronJob will update it. This may make your current cronjobs and groups setting lost.

Archived Export
All export files are also stored remotely on You can visit CronJobs > Export > Export History and download desired export file.

If there's anything you'd like to improve, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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