Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Plans and pricing updates


I've updated SetCronJob's plans and pricing.

New account plans, new terms

There are 3 new plans added, starting at $5/month for 1 user (Indie), $10/month for 5 users (Team), and $20+/month for 10+ users (Business).

I also added daily execution minutes and recurring cronjobs limit. It'll consider the cron timeout settings, and you can increase the cron timeout to 720 minutes (12 hours) in exchange for raising the daily execution minutes occupied. It also limits the max number of recurring cronjobs to 1% of the daily execution minutes. It won't count the disabled and one-time cronjobs.

A new feature is also added to the new plan: Connect from a single server.

Connect from a single server
There will be no more unlimited team members, and only the Business plan can add more users at $1/month/user. The existing Team accounts also have a new limit of 100 users (team members).

Does this change affect my account and cronjobs?

All users are grandfathered: you aren't required to update your account, and you can continue using your account like usual. However, the old plans won't be available any more. You must choose a new plan if you reach the limit of your existing plan, or if you didn't renew your plan in time.

Why is this happening?

You may see clearly that SetCronJob is raising its prices.

Initially, SetCronJob started as a side project, to give an alternative to the limited cron feature of cheap hosting. That's why it was so cheap.

Over time, it evolves, many features were added, and infrastructure was upgraded to make the cron job much more reliable and resilient. You no longer worry about the cron jobs skipped or failed silently. Your cronjobs run at the exact second, for hours. You can see the scheduled executions, check the last execution results, and get notified via multiple channels when a cron job failed. You can manage a large number of cronjobs for several websites and environments, and work together with your team members.

SetCronJob has become a central hub to set up and manage your cronjobs reliably.

When you choose to upgrade your account, your contribution ensures that SetCronJob can continue to be incredibly reliable and useful to your team and business.

Secondly, the server costs have gone up in the last months, and I also added many more servers to process cronjobs. I need to reflect this in the prices today, to help me bring down the cost of processing cronjobs in the future.

Any more changes?

There'll be more changes coming up ahead. If you want to offer feedback and feature suggestions, head to the official subreddit.

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